The New Maine Magician’s Blog!

Greetings folks, friends, and clients!

I have stepped into a new way of keeping in touch and decided to start a monthly blog. Here you’ll find out what’s been happening in the world of Maine magician Conjuring Carroll. Since this blog is the first of many to come and half the month has already gone by, I’ll try to give you an overview of what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up.

I recently sent out my a mailing to the Maine libraries my new Summer Reading Magic Show “Bug Magic: Catch the Reading Bug!”  This year national summer reading theme is “Catch the Reading Bug at the Library”. I decided to piggyback the theme and created a fun bug magic show. It has interesting bug facts, jokes and lots of great magic! I’ve already booked the program at several libraries for their summer reading programs.

I recently was at Husson College in Bangor, performing a Gospel magic show. This Gospel magic show was sponsored by the Husson Campus Crusades for Christ International group that meets on Wednesday by the fireplace at 6:ooPM. The show was held in the Kominsky Auditorium and we had about 80 people attend. The went very well except we had a bit of tech trouble near the end with the sound. Fortunately God gave me a loud voice! 🙂 After speaking with one of the organizers of the event I was told only a handful of the crowd were with the local Campus Crusades group. So the outreach event was a success and many heard of God’s love. The student paper was there for part of the show and took some photo’s. I’m not sure if there will be anything in the college paper but I certainly hope so. For more on Husson College go to

I also performed a magic show at a local senior center in central Maine. This show was great as I was able to work with senior of the community which is a great feeling. All that were there really enjoyed the magic show. I was also able to speak with a couple of people who remembered seeing magicians of their time that I would’ve loved to seen.

The end of March I’ll be gearing up to go to the Maine Parks & Recreation Entertainment Showcase in Windham, ME. It’s held at the high school and is were local talent from Maine and New England come to showcase a small part of their program and speak with recreation staff on booking dates. It’s a great time for me as I look forward to seeing many of my clients and good friends in the performing arts industry. The Maine Parks & Recreation website is which has more information about the Entertainment Showcase and the Maine Parks and Recreation Organization. 

Well I guess that’s it for this blog. I hope you enjoyed learning how things are going here and hope you’ll check in next month for my next blog. Until then have a wonderful Spring!


Carroll I Chapman Jr.

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    • Hi Andrew,
      I performed at the Houlton Fair a couple of years back. If Paul Cleary is interested I’d be glad to come back again.

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