Maine Magician & Family Entertainer Weblog 3 of 2009

Ok So I might have to start making this a quarterly weblog instead of a bi-monthly. I have had a great summer with many new and repeat shows. My last post was in May and I was talking about going to SoulJAM which was a wonderful time. My family and I got to perform some gospel magic for the patrons that day and then were given passes for the day. Ezekiel and I went on the Excalabur rollercoster. It was a blast and his first time on a big rollercoaster. we’re already looking forward to going back again next year.

June was a blessed month with several end of school bookings which were mostly my nutition by magician magic show. The kids had a great time and so did I.  That month I also a couple of gospel magic shows which were a blast. I got to tag team perform with one of my all time favorite band raging grace ( June also kicked off my Creative Magic library show for the public libraries in Maine. I rounded out the month with Flagstaff Days which was great strolling but the show itself got rained out, we’re looking to see if we can make a make up by the end of the year, and my 13th anniversary topped the list.

July was a steady month with Ezekiel at camp for a week for the first time, my wife and I were going nuts! I’m glad we’ve got another one on the way because I don’t like the quiet. Windsor days was a great time again this year and the library & campground shows kept me busy. I ended the month with Oakfield’s Rail Fan days which was a hoot. My wife is originally from Oakfield and we got to see many of her relatives. I also booked a gospel show the next day up there and there was 3 kids who asked Jesus to be their BFF!

August was a great month. I invested in a new DSLR Nikon camera at the end of July and started up a new hobby of photography. It has been really fun as Ezekiel inheireted my old camera and really got into it with me. We put some pictures in the Bangor and Skowhegan Fair and Ezekiel won 2 first place ribbons at the Bangor fair and 5 firstplace and Best in Show at the Skowhegan fair. I got a couple of ribbons too but I was more excited that he got ribbons. It’s a Dad thing! 🙂  Zeik turned 11 in August and his big thing that he wanted was a “new camera” imagine that! August was also the end of the library magic show run and a couple of other community events. It was the best month for gospel magic shows as I had a show in Fryeburg, North Livermore, and Bradley Maine. All were very please with the program and 2 more kids asked Jesus into their lives.  The and of the month was the start up of my fair gigs starting off with Piscataquis fair in Dover-foxcroft. The attendance was great 2 our the 3 days I was there. A hurricane had to mess up one day where it rained all day! There were a few people there that day but rain=bust when it comes to fairs. Thankfully the other 2 days were exceptionally well attended.

Looking into September and the fall season, I got a few more fair shows and then the slow time until I get some bookings for Halloween and Christmas. That’s ok though, because with all the shows I’ve had for the summer I haven’t had anytime to work on my new addition. I just got the lumber order this week so Hopefully it won’t take too long to get the shell up. Zeik started middle school this year which is a little disturbing as I feel like I’m starting to get old especially when I look at the middle school kids. Oh well, I can’t change time. I’m only a magician! 😉

Well again sorry for my procrastination but I’m glad I finally got a chance to tell you about my adventures this summer. I hope you summer was as blessed as mine.

Until my next blog….remember to find the magic in life!

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