Maine Magician and Family Entertainer Weblog 4 of 2009 & 2010 1st Weblog

Well today is Jan 1st and this is my last blog for 2009. It should have been posted yesterday but , I was busy performing my New Year’s gig. Anyways since my last post there’s been a ton of stuff going on. The biggest thing is the new addition to my family. Ivan Lee-Norris Chapman was born Dec 4th at 11:35A! He weighed 8lbs. 9oz. and was 21.5″ long. He’s just as handsome as his big brother. It’s been quite awhile since I last had a little one in our house. (11 years to be exact!!!) So things have changed on how much get’s done in a day. Thus I have decided to change my weblog to quarterly as time seems to slip though my hands lately.

My new son Ivan

Ok so an update on what’s been happening magically, I and several other magicians have been meeting once a month in Augusta sharing and learning from each other. It’s the best “magic meetings ” I’ve attended in Maine.  October was a good month with several birthday parties and Halloween Shows. November was also a good month. Typically it’s a slow month but I was blessed with several private parties. Christmas…well thats a different story. Typically one of the busiest months was one of my slowest for the year. I was able to get a couple of shows but typically I have a lot. The reason I guess is because of the financial mess that happened earlier in the year. Companies cut back on their spending and axed a lot of Holiday parties. I understand though and was prepared for it. It was also a blessing in disguise as it gave me enough time to complete the addition on my home and prepare for our new baby. So far the outlook for 2010 is ok. I’m looking forward to speaking with many friends in the next couple of months at the fair conventions. God has been good to my family and business for 2009 and I hope that he finds favor with me in 2010.  I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Until my next post…Rember to find the magic in life!

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