Maine Magician Weblog 3 of 2010

Wow did the summer ever fly by!!!! Here we are in the middle of September and heading into Autumn. My favorite time of year. Campfires at night, no bugs, cooler weather to work outside, fresh harvest vegetables, beautiful colored trees, apple picking. The only down side is that it’s so short and then the dreaded winter comes! My least favorite time of the year other than Christmas of course!

So the summer has past and I have been truly blessed this year with bookings. I did several fairs this summer (Houlton, Piscataquis, Harmony, and Skowhegan State Fair) I’ll be at the Farmington Fair starting September 19th and that’ll be the last fair of the season for me this year. I did a bunch of community events this year and 26 libraries from So. Berwick to Fort Kent!!! What a blast!!! September is my “Church Month” as I’ve been booked every weekend at a different church to kick off their Sunday Schools. October is Shaping up nicely and November is well November (worst month of the year for booking!). Ezekiel and I have been teaming up at the fairs and at several community events strolling and doing balloon twisting. It’s amazing to see how far he’s come and help me improve at balloon twisting. We’re hoping we can promote the ballooning to the Fairs in MA this November at their annual convention and possible get some bookings with them. Of course Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to get the Booking reminders out to clients that have used my services in the past.

As for family life…I have been working on my office and putting in a photo studio for me to practice my hobby of photography to the next level. I actually contemplating investing in a course on Photography. I really enjoy it. My wife is planning to take some time off for Fall and during Christmas Break which will be nice to have her home. She has a high stress job and for her to take some time off is a good thing. We actually will be going to wedding this weekend of a boy who was in our children’s church many years ago(I guess). I know I’m getting old when we received the invitation. LOL! Ezekiel is back to school and in 7th grade! It scares me a bit, as I can remember what I did in 7th grade and it wasn’t entirely good (oh my!!!). He’s a good kid, just the hormones get the better of him sometimes when as ask him to do things. 🙂 I remember that too! Ivan is crawling at lighting speed and is able to walk with a walker thing all around the house. He got 5 teeth and working on the 6th one and my patience. It’s great being a stay at home Dad though and seeing how much he absorbs. I’m looking forward to strolling for walks this fall and letting him see the things of Fall. Well, that about here for now, I look forward to sharing with you again next time.

Until my next post…remember to find the magic in life!

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