Weblog 4 of 2010 or 1 of 2011?

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog update. Not sure if this counts as blog 4 of 2010 or 1 of 2011. Kinda like is the jar half empty or half full. Anyways so let get you updated.

Fall has come and gone and winter is clearly here. I had a great fall season and did many shows. Zeke has also done a lot with his ballooning and is excited to be partner in a business. It’s great to see his enthusism in what he does. December and January were a bit slow this year with booking but we managed. It was great to go back to Belfast’s New Years by the Bay again this year! They always put on a great event. In January I had to cover for a good friend and magic mentor Amazing Lou as he needed to have emergency surgery and have a kidney removed. He’s recovering well but is very sore. He had us all scared for a while. I also had the pleasure of being invited back to Winterfest in Deer Isle. The event went great and the new venue this year was awesome. January is almost over and I’m planning to head to the Maine Fair convention tomorrow with Zeke. This will be his 1st time promoting the ballooning and I hope he does well. I think people will be impressed. We didn’t make the MA Fair convention due to schedule conflicts but hopefully we’ll make it this coming year. VT/NH Fair convention is next weekend and Zeke and I will be staying in Fairlee for a couple of days. Should be fun there too! February Vacation Week is pretty well booked and is looking good. I’m now starting to work more on my summer reading show and have had several libraries already wanting to book. Things are going well!

Things that have been happening around the house….Lets see, Ivan is not only walking (started at 10 months!) but now has discovered how to climb up on the furniture. I think he’s trying to give me a heart attack! April and I made a new years resolution to lose some of the weight we put on from Thanksgiving and Christmas. So we joined Weight Watchers and I have been working out at home. I cleaned the basement of our home and put down some interlocking foam padding so Ezekiel can practice his Tae Kwon Do and I can do my exercises. It has been really nice. I’ve lost 13 pounds in about 3 weeks! My goal is to get to 195 which is about 40 or so pounds away. I figured if I could lose 4 pounds a month I’ll hit it by the end of the year. Although if I keep losing like I am right now I’ll make it by summer! Wouldn’t that be nice! 🙂  April position is going to be changing and she’s not to fond of the change but I’m sure it’ll all work out. Zeke is doing really well in school and is getting really close to his black belt test now! He had been practicing his board breaks and went from being only able to break one board to breaking 4 of them stacked together! He can help chop wood this winter for me! 🙂 April and I are really proud of him and how he has stuck to his training. The plow truck died on me this winter but our neighbor next door has been keeping us cleaned out so I don’t have to snow blow quite as much as I though I was going to have to. It’s nice to have such good neighbors! I started a photography course with The New York Institute of Photography and I’m very pleased with the course. I put together a website where some of my pictures are posted it’s http://www.icpictures.net Please go check it out. I may start to do photography as another profession once I finish my coursework. Probably in 2012.  I’ll keep you posted!

Well I guess I better end while Ivan is still sleeping and I need to pack my trade show materials for the early drive in the morning!

Until my next post… remember to find the magic in life!




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