New Weblog for 2012

Happy New Year! Boy looking back, did I ever drop the ball on updating my blog!!!!! So sorry to those that checked it out to find it so outdated. Hopefully I can make a resolution to be better at posting my happenings. Instead of talking about what happened in 2011 which was a lot. I’ll strive to talk about this year and what’s going on.

First things first I have accepted the position as Vice President of The Society of American Magicians for the Maine assembly 174. This was the first magic club I ever joined back when I started magic 16 years ago. I would never have thought I would be honored to hold such a position. Secondly I have established yet another business!!!! I know how am I going to keep up this blog if I’m busier that I was! We’ll I’m going to try! My new business is a hobby that I have been doing for several year, photography. Chapman Photography is official established Jan of 2012. I have won several awards for my photos including 2 best in shows! I have been enrolled into a professional photography course through the New York Institute of Photography. Please check out my new website for this business at

SO whats happening for January? I started off the New Year with a show for Belfast by the Bay with Zeke doing a balloon show and a magic show. Then from there had a couple of unexpected shows and one repeat show for Healthy Island Project. I’m now gearing up to meet with all the fairs in Maine at the annual convention this weekend. I always have such a great time at these conventions, as I get to see so many performers and friends that I hardly ever get see otherwise. It’s a great time of fun! Zeke is super excited as we gear up as well promoting Maine-ly Balloons this year at the convention. He’s truly got a knack for making some of the best balloon anyone in the state has seen especially at his age! Well until my next post….remember to find the magic in life!


Carroll Chapman

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