Periodicals 2013

So once again I am trying to get myself into the blogging mood. I have slack on this and most anything web related for about a year! Not that I haven’t thought about it it was just one of the craziest years I have ever had. I finally figured out how to do some video editing and have a lot of respect for those who do it for a living. there is a lot involved. I officially have 4 videos on youtube. With the crazy year I have had some wonderful opportunities and great memories. My family and I got to travel to Hershey, PA and also a visit to the Statue of Liberty. I also got to work with some new fairs this summer and it was a pleasure as well. The summer reading program was “Dig into Reading” this year so I based my magic show around agriculture which not only gave me a great show for the libraries, but also provided a platform to present it to the Fairs this year. The program is called M-AG-icultural. I’m hoping next month when fair booking starts I will entice a few extra fairs to try this new magic show about agriculture. Well until my next periodical…Remember to find the Magic in life!



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