Monthly Archives: April 2014

Maine Magician Conjuring Carroll on a roll…….

Well I’m on a roll! I’ve been busy with a bunch of activities. I just finished up my April Foolish library special and have a number of libraries booked for this years summer reading program. Check out this picture of me! Image

It’s my facebook page right now and here’s my neat logo for this years show…Image

The neat thing about this is the 793.8 is the dewy decimal listing for magic books!

I have been bless to volunteer at Maine General and it brings me such joy to hear the nice thank you’s for coming in and visiting.

This past weekend was crazy being April Vacation! Here are just a few photos of where I was this week.


The Children’s Discovery Museum of Augusta!


Sebasticook Valley Federal Credit Union!


The Spaghetti Spring Sling for Lithgow Libraries Capital campaign to raise funds for a new addition! Plus my regular appearance at The Red Barn and a few birthday parties. I love this time of the year!

I’m still booking birthday parties and if you’re interested in my rates please check out my birthday page here at

Until I get a chance to write again have a wonderful spring and remember to find the magic in life!