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Maine Magician & Family Entertainer Weblog 2 of 2009

Well I missed my mark by a few days! Ok at least it’s the 1st part of May so I’m not doing too bad.  My goodness has there been a lot thats happened in the past couple of months.

Were do I start…March was a pretty dry month for shows this year with several community events I normally did either cutting back or closing shop altogether. April was a turn around month. I had the pleasure (eventhough I was a bit under the weather) of returning to Lincoln Maine for a Expo. I saw many familar faces and a few new ones as well. I also had the opportunity to work with Old Town Parks and Recreation for their Easter Festival. It was a great day with a super turnout. April vacation was a bit weak this year but I was able to work for New Dimensions Credit Union for their National Youth Week called “The Magic of Savings”. I had a great time performing strolling magic and ballooning for their event.

As I mentioned in my last post I have been leaning towards my roots in Gospel Magic and with the mentorship of my pastor have established a ministry name called Magic Outreach. Please stop by the new website I’ve designed for this ministry at www.magicoutreach.com  I have already booked several churches for outreach events using magic as a means to present the Gospel. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as I endeavor to do God’s work. I had the opportunity last week to work with a church in South Portland called The Journey. It’s a foursquare church out of Scarborough. Their website is www.journey-on.org The event went very well with as many as 50+ people coming out at one point. There was a band, a magician, face painting, ballooning, and bounce houses all free and for one purpose, to share God’s love.

The really BIG NEWS that has happened in the past couple of months is that my wife and I are going to be Parents again! We found out that April is pregnant and her due date is Dec 6th! We are super excited and look forward to all the joys of having a baby in the house again. Speaking of the house…I will be putting on a new addition to my house this summer since we’ve only got 2 bedrooms in our house and my son isn’t willing to share. LOL…he’s 10 I guess I can’t blame him!

Well I guess thats about all I have the time to blog about for now. I do have some upcoming  events the end of May at Funtown/Splashtown for SoulJAM sponsored by Worship 95.3FM It’s a christian event where there are over 20 christian bands and artists performing throughout the amusement park all day long. I’ll be at the Kids tent starting at 11:30AM. Please come on by and enjoy the festival and stop by and say hi. I’ll also be on my way to New York for the annual Hall of Famous Unknown Magicians and Clowns Convention. It’s a great time to get together with many wise magicians and clowns and we just have a good old time sharing magic and performing. It’s my once a year treat!

Well until my next blog…Remember to find the Magic in Life!

-Conjuring Carroll Chapman