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The Magic of Christmas in Maine from a Magician’s View

Hi All,

Well it’s time for another bi-monthly blog and Christmas! One of my favorite time of year except I get a year older 4 days after Christmas. Lots has been happening since my last post. I’ve had a great run of magic during November which is kinda strange as it’s usually a slow month. Christmas shows this year were down a bit due to our current economy state, but I’m ever hopeful for next year. I have decided to take and Spend New Years this year with my family. My good friend and magic mentor Amazing Lou and his wife Loretta are also intending to celebrate with us. 

In my last blog I had talked about getting my doe permit and tromping through the woods. Well I got to do a lot of stomping but to no avail. I only saw one deer and wasn’t able to get a shot off. Oh well, that’s why they call it hunting and not shooting! 🙂 I got a muzzle loader in hopes I might redeem myself during the special 2 week season, but never saw another deer. I did see plenty of other wildlife though, rabbits, partridge, squirrels, birds, and even a coyote!

As for magic, I’m looking forward to getting in the workshop and start refurbishing and constructing some magic. Before I can though I need to get my office in order. Between hunting and helping my cousin design menus and start his restaurant, I’ve kinda slacked on keeping it clean. (that’s the understatement of the year!) I’ve actually have a couple of new designs on some magic that I may try to market to other magician. I also have been wanting start writing a book, though I never seem to have the time.

My wife joined weight watchers last fall and to date has lost 52 pounds. She looks great! I don’t even know where she had it to loose. She says she got 25 more to go. I told her I’m going to have to get some large illusion and turn her into a box jumper instead of a social worker!

Well I guess that’s about it around here. I just sent out my registration for the Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Fair trade shows. So I get to look forward to those the end of January and first week of February. Other than that we’re doing fine and looking forward to doing some winter activities. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until my next blog…..Remember to find the magic in life.

-Conjuring Carroll Chapman