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Magician in Maine: It’s been awhile…

Hi Fans and friends! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve made a post here. If you’ve checked you probably saw I change the weblog format and the address name. It seemed to make sense. So what’s been happening with Maine’s Fun Magician & Family Entertainer you ask?! Well let me tell you of a few adventures and new upcoming things.

Where to start, that’s the problem…..Hmmmm….well I guess I’ll just share what comes to mind!

Ah yes! First, I have had the honor and privilege to become the new president for Maine’s Society of American Magicians! I love meeting with this group of guys and it is really great that the guys have bestowed this “Most Illustrious” title. I look forward to help bring magic to a new caliber this year in Maine!


I met with many folks again during the Maine Fair Association Trade show in Portland in January. I have already booked Skowhegan State Fair again, Piscataquis Valley Fair, Harmony Free Fair, and possibly some new ones! This year I started pushing my new magic show called M-AG-icultural which is a magic show about agriculture. I didn;t have as much material ready this year as I had hope for the fair conventions, but will hopefully have everything up and running by the end of the year.

My “Nutrition by Magician” program has been given a bit of new life this year working with Ben Hodgdon of 5210 Let’s Go for Somerset County. We’re hoping that I can present how I tried in the 5210 message into Nutrition by Magician to other county representatives to do extra shows throughout the state. I’m hoping that this new relationship will help me present a healthy message to schools and communities. I know that making healthier choices with more vegetables and fruits, less screen time, a bit if exercise and and removing sugary drinks is a goal that can easily be accomplished! I have officially been working on making healthier choices, since January and I have currently lost 13 pounds without even really trying! 5210 works! I’m looking forward to reporting at the end of this year how my health is by this shift in thinking and making better choices!



Thanks to Square up and my new smart phone (which I think may be smarter than me!) I will now be accepting credit card payments for my services. I hope that this new feature will encourage more bookings and help me be able to do more birthday magic shows in Maine and throughout New England!

After almost 4 months or work and meetings I officially got the ok to start volunteering as a magician at Maine General. In fact, I did my first appearance the other day going from room to room in the rehab wing showing those who are healing some magic to take their minds off of all their stuff for a few moments. It was super fun and everyone was so happy for the visit. I would encourage anyone to try volunteering and see how rewarding it is. Here a picture of my blue lab coat and badge! Image

Well that’s what comes to mind right now…I’m sure other things will pop up in my head as life goes on and I’m going to try (note I said “try” that means no guarantees!) to make a better effort to update this blog a bit more often. It’s nice to share what’s going on in my life with my friends and fans and I do hope you enjoy what I share. Also if you haven’t become a friend of my Facebook page I encourage you to become one! That is the most up to date happenings of Maine Magician Conjuring Carroll as I am frequently posting new info about shows and happenings. You can become a friend by following this link http://www.facebook.com/ConjuringCarroll I look forward to having you as a friend!

Remember to find the Magic in life!

Carroll Chapman aka Conjuring Carroll





Maine Magician & Family Entertainer Weblog 2 of 2009

Well I missed my mark by a few days! Ok at least it’s the 1st part of May so I’m not doing too bad.  My goodness has there been a lot thats happened in the past couple of months.

Were do I start…March was a pretty dry month for shows this year with several community events I normally did either cutting back or closing shop altogether. April was a turn around month. I had the pleasure (eventhough I was a bit under the weather) of returning to Lincoln Maine for a Expo. I saw many familar faces and a few new ones as well. I also had the opportunity to work with Old Town Parks and Recreation for their Easter Festival. It was a great day with a super turnout. April vacation was a bit weak this year but I was able to work for New Dimensions Credit Union for their National Youth Week called “The Magic of Savings”. I had a great time performing strolling magic and ballooning for their event.

As I mentioned in my last post I have been leaning towards my roots in Gospel Magic and with the mentorship of my pastor have established a ministry name called Magic Outreach. Please stop by the new website I’ve designed for this ministry at www.magicoutreach.com  I have already booked several churches for outreach events using magic as a means to present the Gospel. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as I endeavor to do God’s work. I had the opportunity last week to work with a church in South Portland called The Journey. It’s a foursquare church out of Scarborough. Their website is www.journey-on.org The event went very well with as many as 50+ people coming out at one point. There was a band, a magician, face painting, ballooning, and bounce houses all free and for one purpose, to share God’s love.

The really BIG NEWS that has happened in the past couple of months is that my wife and I are going to be Parents again! We found out that April is pregnant and her due date is Dec 6th! We are super excited and look forward to all the joys of having a baby in the house again. Speaking of the house…I will be putting on a new addition to my house this summer since we’ve only got 2 bedrooms in our house and my son isn’t willing to share. LOL…he’s 10 I guess I can’t blame him!

Well I guess thats about all I have the time to blog about for now. I do have some upcoming  events the end of May at Funtown/Splashtown for SoulJAM sponsored by Worship 95.3FM It’s a christian event where there are over 20 christian bands and artists performing throughout the amusement park all day long. I’ll be at the Kids tent starting at 11:30AM. Please come on by and enjoy the festival and stop by and say hi. I’ll also be on my way to New York for the annual Hall of Famous Unknown Magicians and Clowns Convention. It’s a great time to get together with many wise magicians and clowns and we just have a good old time sharing magic and performing. It’s my once a year treat!

Well until my next blog…Remember to find the Magic in Life!

-Conjuring Carroll Chapman



Maine Magician & Family Entertainer Weblog 1 of 2009

Well it’s good to get a chance to get another blog off to everyone again. I recently participated in a couple of fair tradeshows in January and February. The Maine Fair convention was a blast. I got to go down with a good buddy and magician and we spent the night performing and sharing magic. I had a nice time seeing a lot of the Fair folks that came from all parts to come to the convention. I also had a nice time in VT at the NH/VT Fair convention. I got to take my family and we were able to have some time together. I had a bit of a mishap down there staying in the hot tub too long and then getting to visit the local hospital because of it. (I’m sure I’m not the only one to have done this. At least that the doctor assured me of that.)

From the conventions I booked several fairs. Some new to me and some repeats. I also have some possible ones as well, once they get back to their committees for final decisions.  February Vacation is great this year everyday has been booked! I’ll be at several libraries doing magic workshops and also some shows. Sugarloaf is in the mix as well for the Children’s Festival.

I’m currently working on my Summer Reading Magic Show and looking forward to the spring. I’ve got some new trick ordered and have been working on some new routines that I hope will be well received this year in the shows.  I’m gearing up for the Maine Parks and Recreation Entertainment Showcase next month as well as touching base with community festivals. I’m also working toward doing more Gospel Magic this year. Please keep this in your prayers as I endeavor to reach those who might not know the saving knowledge of Christ.  Well that’s about it for now, so enjoy the weather as it gets warmer.

Until my next blog….remember to find the magic in life!

-Conjuring Carroll Chapman


The Magic of Christmas in Maine from a Magician’s View

Hi All,

Well it’s time for another bi-monthly blog and Christmas! One of my favorite time of year except I get a year older 4 days after Christmas. Lots has been happening since my last post. I’ve had a great run of magic during November which is kinda strange as it’s usually a slow month. Christmas shows this year were down a bit due to our current economy state, but I’m ever hopeful for next year. I have decided to take and Spend New Years this year with my family. My good friend and magic mentor Amazing Lou and his wife Loretta are also intending to celebrate with us. 

In my last blog I had talked about getting my doe permit and tromping through the woods. Well I got to do a lot of stomping but to no avail. I only saw one deer and wasn’t able to get a shot off. Oh well, that’s why they call it hunting and not shooting! 🙂 I got a muzzle loader in hopes I might redeem myself during the special 2 week season, but never saw another deer. I did see plenty of other wildlife though, rabbits, partridge, squirrels, birds, and even a coyote!

As for magic, I’m looking forward to getting in the workshop and start refurbishing and constructing some magic. Before I can though I need to get my office in order. Between hunting and helping my cousin design menus and start his restaurant, I’ve kinda slacked on keeping it clean. (that’s the understatement of the year!) I’ve actually have a couple of new designs on some magic that I may try to market to other magician. I also have been wanting start writing a book, though I never seem to have the time.

My wife joined weight watchers last fall and to date has lost 52 pounds. She looks great! I don’t even know where she had it to loose. She says she got 25 more to go. I told her I’m going to have to get some large illusion and turn her into a box jumper instead of a social worker!

Well I guess that’s about it around here. I just sent out my registration for the Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Fair trade shows. So I get to look forward to those the end of January and first week of February. Other than that we’re doing fine and looking forward to doing some winter activities. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until my next blog…..Remember to find the magic in life.

-Conjuring Carroll Chapman

Web Blog Three

Well this is the third web blog I’ve done. Unfortunately its been almost three months for me to put something together. Sorry about that! Lots has happened.

August was a great month with several repeat booking from previous years. It was nice seeing familiar faces and catching up on what’s been going on. It’s also the month my son was born so we had a big birthday bash and built him his own tree house. Boy what a job that was!

I also performed for the Piscataquis Fair where a good friend magician had been a long stay there. He passed away earlier this year and was a big loss to the magic community. I was honored that the Piscataquis Fair selected me as his replacement to help keep the magic going at their fair. The people there were very receptive and I had a wonderful time.

In September I performed for a couple of fairs and did several birthday parties. I personally love birthdays because I get to make magical memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing the smiles on the kids faces and being able to actually talk to them as opposed to large performances where I don’t get to speak with everyone. I’m a people person what can I say! 🙂

Things started slow for October “The Month of Magic”, but have picked up near the end of the month going to a couple of schools and teaching a ballooning workshop. Allot of people don’t know it, but I also have a balloon twisting show called Conjuring Carroll’s Colossal Balloon Show. It has bits of balloon magic, lots of audience participation, and of course balloon sculptures. It’s allot of fun and I’m considering marketing it separately from the magic. I guess I’ll have to decide at some point! 🙂

I also am looking at starting with my pastor a Fellowship of Christian Magicians Chapter in Augusta. It will take some work but think its a great idea.

November is typically one of the slowest months of the year. I have some new booking this year, so I’m happy. I also got my Doe permit this year for hunting so I’ll have time to stomp through the woods and hopefully put some venison in my freezer.

Of course now I’m starting to book my Christmas shows which are alway very popular. Then the dead months come!  🙂  January, Febuary, and the first part of March are slim months for magic in Maine. On the flip side, it’s when the Fair conventions start and gives me time to work on new props and materials for the coming year.

Well until my next blog I wish you nothing but the best and remember to find the magic in life!

-Carroll Chapman aka Conjuring Carroll

Maine Magician June & July 08

Hi Everyone,

Whelp I guess a monthly blog will be asking too much of my schedule so I’ve decided to change it to a bi-monthly blog instead. This hopefully will give me enough time to make updates on the blog. Well since I decided to post this for June and July, I’ll let you know what happened in June and whats coming up in July.

June was my get ready month for many show this summer. We kicked off my Bug Magic Show in Lincoln Maine with great success. The kids had a great time learning about insects and having fun with magic. I look forward to several other libraries I’ve booked this show with and hope they all go just as well.

Also in June was my 2 vacations! Yes two of them. Well the first one is a magic convention I have attend for 3 years now in NY. It’s a 3 day event for me to learn and share my talent with other magicians. The second vacation was my family vacation. It fell on a off and on weather week but we made the best out of it. We visited York’s Wild Animal Kingdom, Acadia Nation Park, A Bike Rally in Derry NH, and kicked back a few days as well. The last part of vacation was my12 year marriage aanniversary with my wife. We went to Hollywood slots in Bangor and stayed overnight in Belfast. We enjoyed the next day going to the Big Chicken Barn Antiques and Used Book Store as well as some flea markets. It was a nice time and I know I’m a very lucky guy to have such a great wife.

July is the Push season! I’ve got several repeat booking from campgrounds and festivals I’ve done in the past and many new shows as well. I’ll be in Canton MA over the 4th of July performing strolling magic and the following weeks I will be presenting my bug magic show to several libraries. I’ll also be at a biker event in Skowhegan on the 19th. It’s the first of it’s type in Skowhegan and I’m hoping it will be the start of a new trend every year.

Well I guess that’s it for now. I hope I can stay on track this time by bumping it to a Bi-Monthly blog. Have a great one and remember to find the magic in life!


Carroll I. Chapman Jr.

The New Maine Magician’s Blog!

Greetings folks, friends, and clients!

I have stepped into a new way of keeping in touch and decided to start a monthly blog. Here you’ll find out what’s been happening in the world of Maine magician Conjuring Carroll. Since this blog is the first of many to come and half the month has already gone by, I’ll try to give you an overview of what I’ve been doing and what’s coming up.

I recently sent out my a mailing to the Maine libraries my new Summer Reading Magic Show “Bug Magic: Catch the Reading Bug!”  This year national summer reading theme is “Catch the Reading Bug at the Library”. I decided to piggyback the theme and created a fun bug magic show. It has interesting bug facts, jokes and lots of great magic! I’ve already booked the program at several libraries for their summer reading programs.

I recently was at Husson College in Bangor, performing a Gospel magic show. This Gospel magic show was sponsored by the Husson Campus Crusades for Christ International group that meets on Wednesday by the fireplace at 6:ooPM. The show was held in the Kominsky Auditorium and we had about 80 people attend. The went very well except we had a bit of tech trouble near the end with the sound. Fortunately God gave me a loud voice! 🙂 After speaking with one of the organizers of the event I was told only a handful of the crowd were with the local Campus Crusades group. So the outreach event was a success and many heard of God’s love. The student paper was there for part of the show and took some photo’s. I’m not sure if there will be anything in the college paper but I certainly hope so. For more on Husson College go to http://www.husson.edu

I also performed a magic show at a local senior center in central Maine. This show was great as I was able to work with senior of the community which is a great feeling. All that were there really enjoyed the magic show. I was also able to speak with a couple of people who remembered seeing magicians of their time that I would’ve loved to seen.

The end of March I’ll be gearing up to go to the Maine Parks & Recreation Entertainment Showcase in Windham, ME. It’s held at the high school and is were local talent from Maine and New England come to showcase a small part of their program and speak with recreation staff on booking dates. It’s a great time for me as I look forward to seeing many of my clients and good friends in the performing arts industry. The Maine Parks & Recreation website is http://www.merpa.org/ which has more information about the Entertainment Showcase and the Maine Parks and Recreation Organization. 

Well I guess that’s it for this blog. I hope you enjoyed learning how things are going here and hope you’ll check in next month for my next blog. Until then have a wonderful Spring!


Carroll I Chapman Jr.